Types of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are becoming more popular as more and more people are choosing them to help them get a better night’s sleep. Most people think of memory foam mattresses as one collective group, all exactly the same, and that is not true. There are different types of memory foam with different properties and these different types will each give you a different sleep experience.

Standard Memory Foam

When most people picture memory foam mattresses, they think of polyurethane foam, which is the most traditional type of memory foam. Polyurethane foam reacts to the weight and warms of the human body and contours to your individual properties. Standard memory foam mattresses are able to give you a good night’s sleep because of their ability to adjust to your individual body, but also because they give a more even sleeping surface than a spring mattress. Polyurethane foam is consistent throughout the same mattress and there are no weak spots, so it doesn’t create the same pressures on your body that spring mattresses can.

While many people find that traditional memory foam mattresses help them achieve a better night’s sleep, there are some areas of complaint. Standard memory foam is not breathable and can be very warm, which can be an issue for some. Some customers have complained of off-gassing from their standard memory foam mattress, as well as concerns because they are petroleum based. The other big issue with standard memory foam is that there is no one standard. This means that quality can vary widely from one standard memory foam mattress to another, so it is important to shop carefully and do your research before you purchase one.

Gel-Based Memory Foam

For those who find standard memory foam too hot to sleep on, gel-based memory foam is a good alternative. This type of memory foam mattress is still polyeruthane based, but it has gel added to it during the manufacturing. Alternately, the gel could also be added as a layer on top of the memory foam. This type of memory foam has all the advantages of standard memory foam, but the gel provides a cooling surface that makes is good for warm sleepers.

There are a few complaints about gel-based memory foam mattresses, mainly concerns about whether the gel impacts the longevity of the mattress. Gel-based mattresses tend to be a little higher in price than traditional memory foam as well, so they should really only considered if the cooling factor is important.

Natural Memory Foam

Some customers have issues with polyurethane and the fact that it is petroleum based. For those customers, a few manufacturers have begun producing memory foam mattresses made from natural materials, mostly plants. The natural version has all the advantages of a traditional memory foam mattress and is better for the environment, more breathable, and is able to provide cool sleep surface.

The biggest drawbacks to natural memory foam is that it is expensive and hard to find. Because it is made with natural materials, it has a higher price tag that standard or gel-based memory foam. It is also produced by fewer manufacturers and is not as widely available. If you decided that a natural memory foam mattress is right for you, you may have to custom order it and have it shipped to you, depending on your location, which can also had to the cost.

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